Phase Two – Resettlement: 12 weeks

Stage 4

cookingThis is where you try different voluntary work opportunities. These are valuable to you in helping you craft your CV and will also assist you in obtaining references which are necessary for future employment. You will go into Oxford with a peer to look for work, and staff will help you through every step of the process.

Stage 5

This is where you have found suitable full time employment and you can move into our recovery move on accommodation ready to start your new life and live your dream until you find suitable, safe and affordable accommodation with a couple of peers through the private rental market.


You will be supported all the way by our Aftercare/forever care team and meet new friends in recovery and share stories and also learn practical things about independent living. Once you move out in with your peers you can pop back to the Community on your days off, in the evening and weekends. Most people want to do his to help others in the programme.

Stage 6


Under Graduate Stage 6: is you in full-time employment and living independently with a peer or peers. You are encouraged and welcomed to attend activities, events and of course pop in to the Ley community and support groups facilitated by our aftercare team within Oxford to share recovery stories of good living, working, studying, and having a leisure activity and all drug and alcohol free.