Phase One: up to 26 weeks

This is where it all begins for you.

Safety Net

You will be supported by two senior residents for your first two weeks, a sort of buddy system. Buddies are ideally placed to look after you as they know exactly what you are going through as they have been through the Safety Net period themselves.


On Structure – We know that being busy both in mind and spirit are key elements to recovery from addiction so our recovery programme is focused around a structured day. You will be up bright and early to make the most of your day and most importantly to get used to being awake and active in preparation for full time employment when you complete your programme.

Stage 2: Junior Peer

This is where you start to get more involved in the programme by being part of a ‘crew’ in a department within the Community. This could be housekeeping, kitchens, grounds, admin or special projects as well as actively participating in therapy groups.

Therapy groups range from peer groups, key worker groups, and more in depth therapy, CBT and other psychosocial interventions, talking therapies, Art, drama, music. These groups help you understand yourself better and find out what led you to your addiction. We use Outcome Star and node mapping to help you focus and learn more about yourself and your behaviour patterns to minimize relapse.

Stage 3: Senior Peer


This is where you take on increased responsibility within the programme structure.

You’ll act as a role model for new residents coming up behind you. You will have a greater knowledge and understanding about the departments and how they run and you may even become head of one of these departments.