Aftercare & forever care

Supporting you after you’ve left The Ley


We never say good bye but not to keep you ‘in treatment’ far from it! Our Aftercare team will continue to support you by encouraging you to join in with activates, outings, coffee evening and hobbies.

Once you secure employment we provide short term recovery move on accommodation and our aftercare team will link you into our recovery community where you will be able to take advantage of mutual self-help support through participation in activities and events organised by aftercare and other people in recovery.

Once a month we meet for coffee, cake and catch up in the refresh café in Oxford

TLC Cafe January 2015 from TLC The Ley Community on Vimeo.

Our recovery programme provides a framework for you to learn with your peers and change the way you have behaved, thought and felt over many, many years. Therapy groups provide an opportunity to examine your behaviour, attitudes and values in the context of day-to-day problems. Building positive relationships with other residents is central to your recovery.

You will be given responsibilities within a clearly defined structure and as you progress, the level of responsibility increases with more senior residents supervising the work of junior residents.