CEO Statement

Friends and supporters of the Ley Community

We hope you will join us in extending a warm welcome to Darren Worthington as he formally takes on the role of CEO of the Ley Community.

Darren joins us with thirty years experience of drug and alcohol services, including eight years as CEO of a successful charity providing specialist drug and alcohol services. More recently, he has graduated with a Masters in Business and Administration (MBA) and acted as a specialist business consultant dedicated to supporting non-profit organisations. His history with the Ley dates back to 1998.

‘I recall the first time I walked into the Ley and being struck by the intense feeling of hope. Seeing this work to help transform the lives of countless individuals is a remarkable experience that I feel privileged to now be part of. My hope is that I can live up to the long and proud legacy created by the people who have gone before me to help prepare the Ley for the next stage in its journey.’

As CEO, Darren is tasked with helping the Ley to devise and develop a sustainable strategy that will successfully guide us through the challenging times ahead for all providers of vital residential treatment services. His first priority is to use the learning and achievements of the past to identify new and creative ways of meeting the evolving needs of those we serve.

This work will be supported by a focus on building a solid platform that ensures the Ley is well positioned to make best use of its resources to continue providing excellent value both to our most loyal existing and new commissioners.

We also take this opportunity to formally thank Huseyin Djemil for his efforts in providing much needed stability during the past year. We are most grateful for the love and respect he has shown the Ley in his time as CEO and wish him all the very best for his future.