Ley Community Infection Control Annual Statement

Ley Community Infection Control Annual Statement 2015-16

This annual statement will be generated each year. It will summarise:
• Any infection transmission incidents and any action taken (these will have been recorded in accordance with our Significant Event procedure)
• Details of any infection control audits undertaken and actions taken.
• Details of any infection control risk assessments undertaken.
• Details of staff training.
• Any review and update of policies, procedures and guidelines

The Ley Community has one lead for infection prevention control, who is the CEO. We have commissioned external advisers from a range of services including: Key Medical Practice, Exeter Close, Kidlington, Oxfordshire OX5 1AP

Significant Events
In the past year there have been no significant events raised that related to infection control.

An audit was undertaken in June 2016 by Infection Control Solutions using an audit tool for a full clinical infection control inspection. Environment including checking of cleanliness with 100% compliancy achieved.
Cleaning products 100% compliancy achieved.
No infections were reported.

Risk Assessments
We have revised a number of risk assessments and are reducing risks in a:
Sharps handling and disposal. Point of action from this is to ensure the sharp boxes are all labelled with source from which they came and sharps boxes are mounted off the floor.
Waste disposal achieved. Points of action identified were mounting waste bins and labelling of bags to identify source from which they came.

Staff Training
Update training has been given on all areas of infection control as identified in the latest audit to staff and some of our residents.
Infection control courses are completed by staff.

Policies, Procedures, Guidelines
The Ley Community has New Policies developed in July 2016
Infection Prevention and Control Management Policy
Recognition and management of an outbreak of infection
Management of an outbreak of viral gastro-intestinal illness
Antibiotic Prescribing Policy
Estates and Facilities Management

Audits undertaken 2016
Hand Hygiene Facility Audit and Infection Control Audit – Karen Foulis June 2016
Self-Assessment Audits for Hand Hygiene, Clinical Practice, Sharps Handling and Disposal, Waste Disposal, Decontamination of Equipment, Environment, Cleaning Products, Specimen Handling and Storage by Karen Foulis June 2016.