Your Family

Support for Families

Addiction affects families and communities. Relationships can become strained or broken and there can be a feeling of impotence or powerlessness as you watch the person you care for spiral downwards. Residential rehabilitation provides a safe, caring and enabling environment away from the often chaotic environment people find themselves in to begin the process of recovery.

Families are often the forgotten members in the world surrounding addiction and alcoholism. For every resident that comes through our door there are usually three or four other people closely associated with that person. It is not uncommon for families to be torn apart about how best to deal with someone with an addiction problem. There is often disagreement about how to handle certain situations. Within a very short space of time a whole family unit can be disturbed by one person’s addictive and disruptive behaviour.

Rehabilitation and the road to recovery are tough and our programme is not an easy option. For men and women to succeed, they will need to recognise their own powerlessness to conquer their addictions and learn to become vulnerable again and be able recognise triggers to relapse to be able to know when to seek support. They will need to confront past experiences and feelings and learn different ways of dealing with such things as abuse, physical, emotional and financial, anger and disappointment, hurt. This will occur both in peer groups and during regular therapeutic interventions. This process, though painful, is worthwhile, for without it there will be no sustainable recovery.

We break the cycle of addiction and we break the cycle of welfare dependency.

We will support you too, over the telephone and face-to-face. We have a family flat for you to come and stay and receive support whilst also learning about our programme and how to continue to grow yourself and support your loved one after completion.