More about the programme

Special Projects

This is where you get to learn new skills by doing jobs around the community, overseen by staff. You could be asked to hang a painting on a wall, fix a bicycle puncture, painting and decorating, help out in our social enterprise, recycling wood. You may also work with the animals we have on site, ducks, chickens, cats, occasionally a dog and a fully stocked bird aviary. You will be supported by staff that will make sure a risk assessment is carried out before you do anything.


We know how valuable and important having qualifications is for self-worth, confidence and to find employment so we work in partnership with Ruskin College, Oxford who provide accredited course in Math, English and IT.

Complementary Therapy

Lisa offers treatments in Reiki, reflexology, auricular acupuncture and smoking cessation. Residents tell us that these sessions really help them to relax and help heals their mind, body and spirit.


In Phase 2 of our recovery programme you engage in a range of voluntary work placements to build up a fresh CV with references in readiness of securing full-time employment in Oxford. We know that having a job breaks the cycle of addiction, welfare dependency, crime and homelessness.

Recovery Community


We have a huge recovery community in and around Oxford who you will be able socialize with in safety.